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A Tree for All Seasons

In this Season of Grace, Create a Tree of Gratitude.

Have you ever noticed how fast retail stores flip from Halloween decors to Christmas’ or Hanukkah?

The year flashes by. We notice how close we are to its end as these decors are hung up in stores.

In the rush, it can be easy to overlook our need to show gratitude to the amazing people that made the year awesome or simply bearable. Our slow recovery from the global pandemic has aggravated this.

However, it has helped many of us value the moments that we share with others. It led us to a place of gratitude. And there is no better time to express our nature of gratefulness than periods of festivity.

So, as we wind up for 2022, you can do more by creating an atmosphere of gratitude in your home. You can start early in November, and decorate your walls or trees (e.g., Hanukkah or Christmas tree) for seasons of gratitude. Below are a few great ideas to start with.

1) Photos: They are lifelong visual representations of beautiful memories that rekindle lovely emotions. Pick them up and hang the most memorable moments on your walls or cling them onto your Christmas or Hanukkah tree using string and mini clothes pins. In challenging times like we’ve seen these past two-years, nothing could be more heartwarming.

2) Artwork: You don’t need to own a Picasso to make your home love-soaked with gratitude. The innocent artistry of your kids, grandchildren, nephews, or nieces can bring far more love to the heart than Renaissance masterpieces. Let a dozen prints of those tiny hands wave colorful memories at you all season long.

3) Printables: The internet is full of free-to-use creative images and printables with areas to write sentiments of gratitude. Websites like are packed with royalty-free designs that you can print, frame, or cut into shape, and weave into paper garlands in ways that express your feelings of gratitude better than words could.

Pay no mind to your level of creativity this season. A simple visual strategically positioned in the home can help guide you to a place of gratitude as we continue to face challenges.

Don’t let the joy of this holiday festivities elude you. Make the most of your memories and be grateful.

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